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Bright Ideas for Learning

more art activities for kids

Here are some more art activities by MaryAnn Kohl, previously featured on our Free Art Activities page.

Storybook Art
Alison's Zinnia
Shaded Potato Prints
Watercolor Snow Collage

First Art
Bubble Wrap Print
Color Bottle Blend
Play Clay Keeper
Stretchy Dough
Sit Down Paint Dancing

Mudworks - Bilingual
Masa recreativa
Masa para pretzel
Molde de arena
Cuentas de pétalos de rosas

Making Make-Believe
Flower Munching
Fantasy Tornadoes
Sock Puppet
Berry Busy Zoo
My Own TV

Scribble Art
Car Tracks
Cut Paper design
Fabric Transfer
Easy Sun Print
Scribble Cookies

Preschool Art
Mixed Up Magazine
String Art
Window Painting
Texture Table
Salty Paint Shake

Discovering Great Artists
Mary Cassatt
Giotto di Bondone
Jim Davis

Good Earth Art
Trim a Tree for Birds
Newspaper Beads
On-Site Beach Art
Seed Wiggles
Natural Finger Paint

Great American Artists for Kids
Sanded Wood Spirits
Memorial Plaque
Energetic Color Blocks

Star Studded Pizza
Washington's Cherry Tree Pillows
New Year's Eve Cracker Snackers
Summer Fruit Basket

Global Art
Quipu Knots
Scrimshaw - Greenland
Hands Across America
Silver Wind Chimes
Clay Sun Faces - Mexico

Science Art
Polished Crayon
Stencil Leaves
Spoke Weaving
Erupting Colors
Stretch Picture

Big Messy Art
Memory Quilt
Body Part Prints
Fly Swatter Paint
Drippy Daubers
Melted Packing Peanuts

Quick Modeling Clay
Pretzel Dough
Rose Petal Beads
Doggie Biscuits

Math Arts
Fancy Water Jars
Hand in Glove Counting Prints
Ten Little Fingers Design
Everyday Photo Display
Measure Me String Art

Monster Face Salad
Scary Eyeballs
Snow White Snow Flakes

copyright © 2011 MaryAnn Kohl
All art activities are copyright protected.

Permission is granted to reprint one copy for personal use only.
Please contact or 800-480-4278 for permission to reprint
multiple copies or to disperse.


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