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Bright Ideas for Learning


by MaryAnn F. Kohl

Mudworks: Creative Clay, Dough and Modeling Experiences for Children

mudworks by maryann kohlCategorized by art media, all 150 pages offer a delightful messy range of creative activities for children to explore and experience. "Preschoolers, art teachers, adventurous parents and most anyone who likes to play in mud, playdough, papier-mâché and similar media will be ecstatic over Kohl's book." -American Library Association Booklist.

Mudworks has been recently featured on the Canadian Y-TV network show, Take Part!. Now available in a Spanish/English bilingual edition!

  • 1999 TOP TEN AWARD, The Education Source
  • ALA Booklist Starred Review
  • 1990 Benjamin Franklin, WINNER, Children's Books
  • Try this activity from Mudworks:

    Dog Biscuits
    Easy, fun to create treats.
    1995 ALA, Best of the Best Books and Media for Children
  • 150 pages, paperback $18.95
  • ISBN 0-935607-02-1

MUDWORKS - $18.95




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