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Discovering Great Artists: Long, Long Ago
Renaissance & Post Renaissance

> Chapter 1: Renaissance and Post Renaissance Artists
Chapter 2: Impressionist and Post Impressionist Artists
Chapter 3: Expressionists, Abstract, Abstract-Expressionists, Cubists, Dadaists, & Surrealists
Chapter 4: Pop, Op, Folk, Modern, Cartoonists, Photojournalists and Children's Book Illustrators

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Bright Ring Publishing has carefully compiled a selection of beautiful online images for each and every artist featured in Discovering Great Artists. Simply click on any link below and a new window will open and take you to a site that features some of the finest work from the selected artists. We hope you enjoy this new feature!

From Chapter 1 - Long, Long Ago: Renaissance and Post-Renaissance

Pg# Artist Life Project Name Era
12 Giotto 1266-1337 Egg Paint Renaissance
13 Limbourg Brothers 1375-1416 Book of Days Gothic
14 Ghiberti 1378-1455 Florentine Relief Renaissance
15 Van Eyck 1395-1441 Triptych Panel Renaissance
16 Angelico 1400-1455 Leaf Painting w/ Silver Renaissance
17 Masaccio 1401-1428 Profile Portrait Renaissance
18 Botticelli 1445-1510 Art in the Round Renaissance
19 DaVinci 1452-1519 Drawing Things Apart Renaissance
20-21 DaVinci 1452-1519 Da Vinci Invention Renaissance
22 Durer 1471-1528 Wood Block Print Renaissance
23 Raphael 1483-1520 Mother and Baby Renaissance
24 Michelangelo 1475-1564 Fresco Plaque Renaissance
25 Michelangelo 1475-1564 Lie-Down Painting Renaissance
26 El Greco 1541-1614 Drawing Tall Figures Baroque
27 Rubens 1577-1640 Chalk Light Face Baroque
28 Rembrandt 1606-1669 Making Faces! Baroque
29 Rembrandt 1606-1669 Shadowy Faces Baroque
30 Linnaeus 1707-1778 Botanical Illustrations Naturalist
31 Gainsborough 1727-1788 Portrait on Landscape Romantic
32 Blake 1757-1827 Hand Colored Prints Romantic
33 Constable 1776-1837 Cloudscape Romantic
34 Hokusai 1760-1849 Surimono Greeting Ukiyo-e
35 Audubon 1785-1851 Nature Notebook Naturalist
36 Courbet 1819-1877 Palette Knife Painting Realist

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